Tours & visits

List of library and cultural tours and visits on Thursday 20th afternoon, included in the workshop registration fees

Basel University Library. The library was founded around the year 1470 in the course of university’s founding, making it the oldest library with secular origins in Switzerland. Today it houses more than eight million print and handwritten manuscripts, maps and diagrams, pictorial documents and other media. In terms of its inventory, it is one of the largest libraries in Switzerland.


University Medical Library. In a brand new building the Medical Library serves the Basel medical students and faculty.


The Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel. The museum currently contains one of the largest and most significant collections relating to the history of pharmacy. The museum holds a scientific collection from the 1920s, which has been conserved until today. Highlights include apothecaries’ shops, historic medicaments, laboratory equipment, a complete alchemist’s laboratory, microscopes and a famous collection of pharmacy ceramics (15th to 19th centuries). The house ”Zum vorderen Sessel” is a historic location where famous men such as Erasmus of Rotterdam and Paracelsus were frequent visitors.


The Anatomical Museum of the University of Basel. The museum was founded in 1824 by Prof. Carl Gustav Jung, grandfather of the homonym Swiss psychiatrist. Original preparations of human body parts, organs and tissue are displayed in the museum. They are shown in a systematic and topographic order and describe the structure of the human body. Exhibits of prenatal development are also shown. Of particular interest is the skeleton, which was prepared by Andreas Vesale in 1543 in Basel, the oldest anatomical preparation of a skeleton in the world.


Basel Paper Mill museum. Within the walls of a medieval mill, in an authentic setting, the visitor will learn about many things, from hand-made paper to finished books. Set out on four floors, the museum presents living workshops where skills can be seen in action alongside informative supporting exhibits. The hands-on museum shows a variety of ways how all manner of things come to life. Children and adults alike are invited to try out ancient crafts for themselves and can live and feel history with all their senses.


Paracelsus Walk. This walking tour will guide you in the footsteps of Paracelsus in Basel. Paracelsus (actual name Theophrastus of Hohenheim; 1493 – 1541) was a city doctor in Basel from 1527 to 1528 and a prominent tutor of natural remedies and therapist.


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