Local Organising Committee

The 2019 LOC members are from many different medical libraries within Switzerland.

Isabelle de Kaenel, Medical Library, Lausanne University (Co-Chair)

  Christoph Wehrmüller, Medical Library, Basel University Library (Co-Chair)

 Monika Wechsler, Medical Library, Basel University Library

 Annika Rieder, Medical Library, Zürich University Library

Markus Fischer, Swissconsortium / Solothurner Spitäler Library

 Jan Dirk Brinksma, University Library, Bern

In addition, many other Swiss colleagues gave their time and input for LOC activities. In the first place, Gerhard Bissels, who presented the bid to EAHIL and laid the foundation for the organisation of the 2019 Workshop in Switzerland. He, and all his dedicated colleagues at the medical library – Bern University, were a source of inspiration and creativity. Our colleagues from the University Library Geneva, and Thomas Allen, WHO librarian are also a source of constant support.

Illustrations : Family register of Emmanuel Ryhiner (1592-1635), pharmacist of Basel
Paper · 263 ff. · 11 x 16 cm · ca. 1612-1630
Basel, Pharmazie-Historisches Museum der Universität Basel, Cod. V1895, Digital Colorchecker
f. 124r, f. 128r, f. 143v, f. 146r, f. 168r
Licence Creative Commons License: Creative Commons Attribution.

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