Call for CEC Sessions

Description of CEC Sessions

  • Continuing Education Sessions will run in parallel sessions on the first day (17 June) of the EAHIL 2019 Workshop.
  • They are half a day (180 minutes including 30 min break) or they can be extended to a full day : 2 x 180 minutes long
  • These sessions should teach practical skills and must fall under one of the EAHIL 2019 Workshop themes.
  • The difference between Continuing Education Sessions and Interactive Workshops: Continuing Education Sessions feature expert presenters who share their particular expertise and skills with participants, while Interactive Workshops are structured around active participation and learning exchange.
  • Presentations should be created in PowerPoint and saved as either PowerPoint or a PDF.
  • The IPC Committee reserves the right to move an accepted submission into another presentation category to ensure the continuity of the EAHIL 2019 Workshop programme.

The online submission process on Conftool will ask you to register first and then to provide the following information:

  • Submission type : Poster, Workshop, Continuing Education session
  • Name(s), Affiliations(s) of co-authors /co-presenter(s)
  • Title : maximum 25 words
  • Topic that best fits your session, choose one from the six conference themes
  • Keywords (3 – 5) of your own choosing that describe the contents of your session
  • Select Session length : Select YES for half-day session. Select NO to indicate a longer full day session (2 x 180 min).
  • Technical + logistical requirements  : any technical or other requirements like video, sound, accessibility, etc.
  • Proceed and upload the document based on the supplied word template.

The word template for CEC sessions is as follows:

  • Title of contribution: Max 25 words
  • Biography(ies) of the Continuing Education Course (CEC) leader(s) (Max 150 words)
  • Level : select one
    • Introductory
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Target audience : Please describe the ideal audience for your session.
  • Will participants need to prepare for your session?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Description : Please describe the content that will be covered. Max 300 words
  • Learning Outcomes : Please describe the intended learning outcomes. Refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide. Max 150 words

N.B. Please note if your submission is accepted the finalized version of the abstract and the biography will be used in the EAHIL 2019 Workshop brochure, website, social media and other platforms and outlets.

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