All Hail the Fail

The IPC would also like to invite you to a special session, “All Hail the Fail”. We are often taught that failure is a bad thing but what if the mistakes that contribute to failure are steps on the pathway to success? In this session, we will share and learn from the professional failures that we rarely discuss in public. We encourage all the brave mistake-makers in our community to openly talk about these experiences. We would love to hear tales of projects that fell off the rails, botched plans, unexpected disasters, and the lessons you learned from them.
This session will be interactive (participants will contribute and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions). The venue will be private, the number of listeners limited, and we will not allow the conversation to be recorded. Here, we will abandon the quest for perfection, embrace failure and learn from each other’s mistakes.

If you would like to share your experience in this session, please contact Maria-Inti Metzendorf directly with a short summary about the project or situation you would like to share. A formal submission is not required. The incoming ideas will then be presented to and discussed among IPC members without disclosure of the story-sharer’s identity. We have chosen this procedure to ensure that submitters feel comfortable in bringing forward their stories. Please note that the deadline for contacting Maria-Inti with expressions of interest in this session is the same as for all other proposals.

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