Guidelines for Submissions Advisors and Advisees

Role of the Submissions Advisor

As a Submissions Advisor, your main role is provide the Advisee with advice, encouragement and guidance on how to write a proposal that has a fair chance of being accepted for the EAHIL 2019 Workshop. A structured abstract is expected to be submitted for posters and a structured proposal for workshops and continuing education courses (CEC). Familiarize yourself with the submission requirements of these three formats on the EAHIL 2019 website. You may also refer to the US Medical Library Association’s guide for structured abstracts.

What does being a Submissions Advisor involve?

It involves providing support and direction through written and/or oral conversation with the Advisee. The Advisee will make the first contact by email and should expect a response within 3-4 working days. It is advisable to manage the expectations of the Advisee by outlining from the start your availability. Be mindful that some participants may never have presented a poster or given a workshop or course. In this case additional advice should be given on what to expect. Also participants may not use English as their first language; therefore an offer of assistance with the English language is encouraged.

Some participants may seek a Submissions Advisor simply to sharpen their proposal writing skills, or because they have been unsuccessful in the past. In all cases, emphasize that all proposals will be evaluated based on relevance, clarity, quality and originality.

What is outside the scope of the Submissions Advisor’s role?

Advisors should not write or re-write the Advisee’s abstract. They should only make suggestions or comments. If the Advisee is seeking assistance on any other part of the EAHIL 2019 Workshop please refer them to the conference website for contact information.

Role of the Advisee

A list of Submissions Advisors is available on the conference website. It is the responsibility of the Advisee to make the first contact. Please select any of the Advisors and first contact them by email to see if they are available to assist you. You should expect to hear back from the Advisor within 3-4 working days, unless they are out of the office. If you don’t hear back, then please make contact with an alternative Submissions Advisor.

You can expect to have a dialogue with your Submissions Advisor over email. If you wish to speak to your Advisor by telephone or any other tool then please arrange that with them. Submissions Advisors are there primarily to offer you advice on writing a proposal for the EAHIL 2019 Workshop. You can expect to receive encouragement and advice on strengthening your proposal for submission.

Code of Conduct

Please adhere to the IFLA Code of Ethics for Librarians and other Information Workers in all Advisor-Advisee dealings. This code is available online at–short-version

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